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A quality, professional service with 36 years experience

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I offer a comprehensive, hands on management, Bailiff, Enforcement and Process Serving capability throughout the UK, which is based on 36 years experience of working in this sector and nine years as a police officer. Some services are also available internationally. If you think I can help but you are not sure, or if your problem is not specifically shown below, please telephone or email.
Bailiff and Enforcement
  • Peaceful Repossession of Commercial Premises
  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)
  • Eviction of Trespassers and Squatters under Common Law and Court action
  • Enforcement of High Court writs including transfer up from County Court
  • Direct Enforcement of Action under Town and Country Planning Act
  • Removal of Abandoned Horses
  • Removal of Abandoned Vehicles
  • Providing Security Staff, Boarding up and Barriers
  • Revenue Recovery for Local Authorities
  • Clean-Up Services
  • Dealing with demonstrators and protestors


  • Financial Investigations / Status Enquiries
  • Tracing Individuals
  • Tracing Property
  • Matrimonial Surveillance and Enquiries
  • Statement Taking
  • Personal Injury Claim Enquiries
  • Accident Investigation
  • Taking Photographs and Preparing Plans
  • Criminal Defence enquiries
  • Investigation of Employee Absences From Work
  • Conflict of Interest enquiries
  • Suspected theft by employee enquiries

Document and Process Serving

  • Service of  Court and other documents
  • Preparation of Proof of Service


  • Very experienced staff
  • Full Professional Indemnity, Employer’s and Public Liability Insurances
  • Holder of Bailiff’s Certificate
  • Comprehensive Policies and Procedures for dealing with all work and eventualities
  • References available
  • No obligation advice given
  • Available to carry out presentations
  • Sensible charge out rates and third party invoicing if required
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Contactable 24/7
  • Straight forward instructions procedure
  • Confidential and sensitive service


Bryan Lecoche

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